Steel Workshops

Our steel workshop buildings are easily customized and accessorized to meet your exact requirements and house all the necessary tools for your trade or hobby. Our customers have added vents, insulation, skylights and doors to create the most ideal work space that they end up spending many enjoyable hours tinkering in. We are always grateful to hear back from handymen or small business owners who have built a place that truly inspires them and adds quality to their lives.


Steel Workshop Features


Our building consultants will help you design the workshop you want complete with the accessories and options that suit your hobby or business. More

DIY Assembly

A steel workshop is the perfect project for the handyman. Every workshop building kit comes with the panels pre-drilled, pre-cut and ready to bolt together using our step-by-step instructions. It can be erected over a long weekend with the help of a couple of your handy friends. More

Steel Strength

Every TSBC Steel Workshop is made from the finest steel in the world. Our rust-resistant Galvalume Plus™ steel is delivered to our factory directly from Dofasco. More


We take pride in knowing that your building will look as good as new decade after decade. Under normal climate conditions, we guarantee TSBC steel workshops for 30 years against rust perforation. More


Our steel workshops are Leeds certified, Energy Star certified and made from recycled steel. The steel roof also has many energy efficient benefits naturally cooling the structure in the summer and maintaining heat in the cooler months. More

Engineer Certified*

You can be assured that our licensed, in-house Engineers will certify your steel workshop to meet or exceed the building codes specific to your region. More

Factory Pricing

Why pay anything but factory direct for your new workshop! TSBC can promise you a better price because than a distributor every time. More

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